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The President's Dead

The president’s de
ad, the radio s
Dear friends, is it n
ot so horrib
A shot through my h
eart, like a knife right through b
The newspaper s
aid the president’s d
The sea doesn’t dry and the sky isn’t split,
But friends it just seems so wrong, don’t it?
A shot from the crowd, and a shot in the head,
The president’s lying on the tarmac dead.
He’s lying face down with those black-dressed agents
Guns drawn running around and the early obits
Say he was a good man, you can’t argue with that
Not today you can’t, not now you can’t.
In the media tent where they spin and they slant,
They just foam at the mouth and they champ at the bit,
Those bloodsuckers can wait ’till those vulture’s cool itn,
The newscaster said, “The President’s dead.”
Let’s imagine the way, let’s say 30 years in,
How somebody will say, “What you were doing when…?”
On a beautiful day, I was waking up and
I was lying in bed with my girlfriend
And the eggs on the plate, and the bacon hissin’
And the coffee was great, there was spring on the wind.
Have you ever lived through a day where the littlest things,
in the littlest ways made you feel you were blessed
And if you died right then, well you know you’d be missed,
But there’s no better state to cease to exist
And you wouldn’t feel sad, and you wouldn’t resist
’Cause you knew what you had, and were thankful for it
In your own little way, I’m a small quiet man
I’ve got no wars to win, I don’t have a big plan
But I love my new place, and I love my old friends
And I scrimp and save, and one day I’ll have kids.
I can truthfully say that my day was like that,
’Till the radio playing on the stand by the bed
Fired out this report and in 3 words they said,
Like 3 shots to my head, the president’s dead.
D A Em G
end on D
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