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From A Cutlass Cruiser


F C Dm B♭

What a day we had… I figured I’d be feeling bad, but I don’t feel a thing.

	Dm			B♭		C

They read from Mark and then bring us all up Shingle Camp Hill Road.

F C Dm B♭

Throwing flowers at the ground felt like hours, with the grownups whimpering.

Dm B♭ E♭ B♭

In the blown-out green of spring I see the whole small town explode.

C Am

And then driving to our house at night, the stars shoot out their shine behind the

Dm B♭

Olds windows.

Dm			B♭		Dm			B♭		C

My father quiet behind the wheel, I fully feel that he knows where he’s trying to go.

C Am

And then they carry me inside, this other world behind my eyes, this bright-lit

Dm B♭

neon glow.

Dm B♭ Dm B♭ C

And then it’s morning everywhere, and summer air, and there’s the stereo.

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